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Make a decision to build a sound future for you and your family


Enjoy the comfort of a strong and tested business model.

Leadership and teamwork give you confidence. We understand it takes courage to go into business for yourself, and that it takes solid experience to assist  you into a sustained growth phase.


Australia has had a long period of growth in the construction industry, opening up excellent opportunities for quality operators. The huge building firms responsible for most freeway, highway and street building projects want competent, honest, tradespeople – and frequently cannot find them when they need them.


Pro Pit can open those doors of opportunity for you. You need the right business model to secure your success and you need to offer customised, innovative cost-effective solutions.


Pro Pit has created a model that will arm you with all the right skills and contacts then provide you with the backup you need to build and then reinforce your position and success in the market.


With Pro Pit, you’re always in business for yourself, but well supported and never alone.


The benefit of Pro Pit people behind you


When becoming a Pro Pit Franchise Owner you benefit from a proven business system and strong brand  to build your business on. It’s your business but, with a Head office support team to provide support and advice with business challenges.


Pro Pit supporting you means you have:


  • The power of brand recognition and customer trust.

  • The support of a network, you’re never alone.

  • Go on holidays or become ill and your clients still receive great  service from the same brand.

  • Access to quality contract, business and sales templates.  Your professionalism means your clients are more secure and much less likely to leave you.

  • Professional branding –uniforms, vehicle, logo, stationary, signage, website etc.

  • A strong professional marketing programme and website optimisation.

  • Access to quality clients that would be difficult to attract and keep on your own.

  • Training and ongoing support.

  • Marketing support

  • User friendly invoicing system and software to help manage your business more efficiently.

  • Increased billable work with less travel time between jobs by focussing your work efforts within your exclusive territory.

  • Minimising failure. Franchises generally have a better record of profitability and survival than other small businesses.

  • Quality referrals from within the national network.

  • Lower administrative and running costs.

  • Your own exclusive operating territory.

  • Excellent resale potential for your business.


It all means you can get on doing what you do best, while we take care of the rest. (Plus some time for your family and even a game of golf).


Secure your future in the pit construction business now.  

Enquire now on 1300 PRO PIT, or 0437 950 960

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